The perfect idea for those like you who want to live an authentic travel experience in Tuscany; discover the wonderful hills of Chianti through a selection of vineyards and cellars that will allow you to taste different qualities of wine accompanied by seasonal tastings. Take the opportunity to visit a small village in Chianti, which has its roots in 2000 BC.


This travel solution is perfect for Solo Travellers, who will not have to worry about any logistical details, and for all travelers attentive to sustainable tourism who can count on a selection of producers respectful of the Made in Chianti ethic. 


We will leave together from the center of Florence to the enchanting area of Chianti, the famous wine region known throughout the world for its highly appreciated wine. During the trip our tour leader will tell you the history of the area and share with you curious anecdotes. Do not miss the opportunity to take pictures of the panorama: a real sea of hills inlaid with rows of vineyards of the most diverse varieties. 


Once you arrive in the village in Chianti you can make your first authentic tasting: you will be offered 3 wines produced in the specific area where you are, accompanied by seasonal snacks to help you recognize the different nuances to taste and smell. At the end of the first tasting you will have the exceptional opportunity to explore independently the center of the village, stroll through the medieval stone alleys and shop in local craft shops. 


After visiting the village we will reach a typical farm immersed in the Chianti hills , here the producers will be waiting for you with whom you will take a tour of the vineyards and the whole cellar, telling you how the grapes get to the bottle! After the visit it will be time for the second tasting of 3 local wines accompanied by tastings of slow food products of the Tuscan tradition. 


At the end of this tour you will have learned how to recognize the different olfactory notes, how to choose the flavors of the tastings to enhance the taste of each variety of Chianti: if you wish it will also be the perfect opportunity to buy the real, certified and authentic Chianti wine directly from the producers!