London: a contemporary metropolis and at the same time anchored in history.

The city of London is without a doubt one of the most important and influential European capitals of today. Its territorial extension consecrates it as the third largest city on the continent after Moscow and Istanbul. This eclectic metropolis has always been considered the forerunner of any novelty or influence that touches the attention of the European people. This makes London an extremely modern city and constantly in step with the times. Walking through the streets of the center you will come across ancient History Museums and at the same time famous Galleries of Modern Art, ancient Elizabethan Theaters and modern avant-garde buildings. Here, almost like in no other city, past, present and future manage to coexist giving life to a completely unique reality of its kind. Take a ride on the London Eye, the Ferris wheel symbol of the city or take unforgettable photos of Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, take a leap into history simply by visiting the British Museum or visit some of the symbolic bridges of London such as London Bridge and Tower Bridge and take advantage of the hundreds of proposals that this tireless city has to offer to anyone lucky enough to visit it.

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