Venice, the city suspended on the water.

As everyone knows, in Italy Venice is the city of romance par excellence. But is it really so? Seeing is believing! Reach this magnificent city literally suspended over the sea of the Venetian Lagoon and get lost among its characteristic alleys and among its breathtaking bridges. Venice is a city full of stories and anecdotes to tell: from its ancient carnival to the phenomenon of high water, which makes this city unique all over the world. Visit St. Mark's Square, Doge's Palace, Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge or Bridge of Sighs, whose history will undoubtedly leave you speechless! Before leaving this wonderful city reach the characteristic islands that surround it, such as Murano, famous for the art of glass, or Burano, famous in the world for the colorful colors that distinguish it. Reach Venice and be amazed by its beauty and uniqueness that characterizes every corner and every street of this unforgettable city. 

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