Athens, ancient cradle of civilization and history.

Let yourself be fascinated by the history and culture that you will find in every corner, in every alley and in every building of Athens. Discover the ancient remains of one of the populations that wrote made the history of mankind. Observe the remains and legacies that make Athens one of the most sought-after destinations of our times. Let yourself be guided to discover the historical and architectural beauties of the city by an expert guide and learn in his company also all the secrets regarding the Greek gastronomic specialties. If you are a lover of history you will certainly not be able to leave Athens without first visiting the glorious Acropolis of the city, its wonderful Parthenon, the Ancient Temple of Athena, the Sanctuary of Zeus, the Theatre of Dionysus and all the other wonderful buildings that make it up and that make the Acropolis the undisputed symbol of this city. 

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